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Computer monitors come in variety of sizes, from 12-inch portable displays (the smallest we’ve reviewed) up to 65-inch panels that bridge the gap between monitors and TVs. Between the two extremes, though, we group most desktop displays into two general categories: business monitors, and entertainment monitors.

Business (aka productivity) monitors include professional monitors with high (usually 4K) native resolution and image quality geared to graphic artists, photographers, and videographers. Also in this class: general-purpose workaday monitors, and home-office monitors. The latter may be equipped with videoconferencing features and/or a port selection that makes them a good substitute for a laptop’s docking station. Entertainment panels, meanwhile, comprise the vast range of gaming monitors, as well as some for content creation and consumption. (The lines can get fuzzy among these panels.)

We’ve outlined below our top picks among home and office monitors we’ve tested. Read on for our labs-tested favorites, followed by the buying basics you should know when buying a monitor. Also note: At the very end of this article is a detailed spec breakout of our top choices.

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Deeper Dive: Our Top Tested Picks

Dell UltraSharp 27 4K USB-C Hub Monitor (U2723QE)

Best Overall Business Monitor

Why We Picked It

With a list price north of $600, the Dell U2723QE is not the cheapest monitor around, but it has a prodigious feature set: a full range of ergonomic adjustments, and all the ports we would expect from a so-called “USB hub” or “docking-station” monitor. It can charge a laptop over its USB-C display connection, and it even provides Ethernet connectivity should you be in an office with spotty Wi-Fi. What’s more, it has a 27-inch 4K (UHD) screen with a high pixel density and wide color gamut. All that, plus it’s one of the first two monitors to incorporate IPS Black, LG’s latest flavor of in-plane switching (IPS) technology. It provides far better contrast than standard IPS displays. About the only common business feature it is missing is a webcam, but only a select few desktop displays have one.

Who It’s For

The U2723QE sells at a high enough price that you’re not likely to outfit a whole office with them. It would be a good choice for meeting-heavy managers (or other critical workers), especially ones involved in dealing with creative content as one aspect of their job. It’s not a full-on graphic-arts monitor, but it is fine for photo and video work in a pinch, and it’s an easy attach/detach for a frequently toted laptop.


  • IPS Black technology deepens black levels, improves contrast
  • 4K resolution with sharp high-pixel-density image
  • Extensive ergonomic features
  • Dual DisplayPort connectors let you daisy-chain monitors
  • Mini-joystick controller for OSD


  • Pricey for a 27-inch monitor
  • No webcam

HP E27m G4 QHD USB-C Conferencing Monitor

Best Business Monitor for Teleconferencing

Why We Picked It

The HP E27m G4 is built for the age of Zoom and Google Meet. Its hi-res webcam, powerful speakers, and dual microphones provide a better teleconferencing experience than what you’ll get from most laptops. In addition, it has the ability to power or charge a laptop over a USB-C connection. It adds Ethernet connectivity, multiple video ports, and a quartet of USB-A downstream ports to which you can connect a keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals. In short, it has all the connection choices you’d expect from a laptop’s docking station, and that’s before you even get to the screen.

The E27m…

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