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We Use ScreenConnect for Remote Support

Let’s take a look at how a remote support session works.

Guest (Customer) Contacts Support

When a customer experiences a problem, they reach out to tech support through email, phone, smoke signals, basically any way they can.


Guest Joins Session

  • Guest navigates to Your ScreenConnect
  • Guest enters security code
  • Guest clicks ‘Join’ button and is connected to the host



Guest Receives Client

Clients are deployed on-demand, so no prior setup is required.

  • Guest does not have to be an admin
  • Guest client is removed after session

Host Can Now Control Machine

The host can see the guest machine and control the keyboard and mouse. The host also has access to various tools such as reboot, file transfer, toolbox, clipboard, and dozens more.


Host (Technician) Creates a Session

The saintly support tech fields the request and solves the problem by:

  • Logging into Your ScreenConnect
  • Creating a support session
  • Inviting the guest to the support session by one of many methods













Host Connects to Guest

Remote support client is deployed on-demand to host from Your ScreenConnect.

  • Host does not need software installed prior to installation. The central web application manages everything.

Guest Problem Resolved

Guest computer is fixed, the client is automatically removed, and the world is good again.